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      Address: Duzhuang Country, Haigang District, Qinhuangdao-066000, Hebei, China

      Yamamura Glass Qinhuangdao Co., Ltd. is a glass bottle company established in 1958, located in the beautiful coastal city Qinhuangdao. In July 2013, the company became a joint subsidiary of Nihon Yamamura Glass Co., Ltd. in Japan and has been its wholly owned subsidiary since September 2016.

      Yamamura Glass Qinhuangdao covers an area of 168 acres. It owns four energy-efficient furnaces, eleven glass bottle production lines, automatic batching system, and automatic packaging inspection system. The main products include: red/white wine bottles, beer bottles and food bottles in various specifications and colors. Annual production capacities are 200,000 tons.  

      Products with excellent qualities have won the prize of "Chinese famous products in daily glass industry". The products enjoy a high reputation among the importers from United States, and Southeast Asia, etc..

      The company has won the lots of honors such as "Chinese outstanding company in daily glass industry", "Top hundred companies in Hebei Province", "Leading company in Hebei Light Industry " and so on.

      The parent company Nihon Yamamura Glass is the leading manufacturer in the glass bottle industry in Japan. It produces more than 1,200 types of glass bottles including lightweight and ultra-lightweight ones for food and beverages, with a share of about 40% in Japanese glass bottle market.

      Nihon Yamamura Glass has been making unremitting strides forward since its establishment in 1914 with its three basic concepts: "people-oriented business", "quality is the foundation of an enterprise", and "there is no future without innovation". In the past 100 years of persistence, it has accumulated a high degree of technical strength and cultivated group employees with high personality charm, which are forming the uniqueness of the Yamamura Group.  

      Yamamura Glass Qinhuangdao is willing to work with partners sincerely hand in hand as an integral part of Yamamura Group to create altogether the glorious future.


      Contact Us


      Contact number: (0335) 6085800
      E-mail: bd@ygqglass.com
      Company Address: Duzhuang Country, Haigang District,
                                      Qinhuangdao-066000, Hebei, China

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